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March 13 Sparkplug

At La Strada, Past President Carol Robinson called the meeting to order at 12:15.
The Pledge was led by Vickie Bloomquist.
Antonio Medrano shared a quote byEmily Dickinson, “There is no frigate like a book to take us to far away lands.”
Members attending: 13
Visiting Rotarians: 1. Lynn, speaker for the day and member of Richmond Rotary
Guests: 1. Cecilia Vega, former mayor of San Pablo.
 A Night in Tuscany:
  • Dennis & Barb passed around sign up sheets for people to construct gift baskets as an alternative to donating $100. There are a number of baskets to choose from and they sound like fun to make!
  • Auction: Someone had the idea for a “Wheel Barrow Full of Liquor”
Rotarians at Work Day:
April 27th at Wanlass Park.
  • Yesterday was Brad’s 36th anniversary with his wife, Marie. Hooray!
  • Paresh just turned 42 years old; he only put in $41 though because it is bad luck to put the same number as your birthday in his culture!
Sonia introduced today’s speaker, Lynn Martin, from the Early Childhood Mental Health Program.
Since 1974, the ECMH has addressed the mental health needs of young children in West County. The program, which focuses on children from birth to six years of age who are troubled, at-risk, or are suffering from behavioral difficulties or delays in social and emotional development, helps lay a foundation on which families can build healthy relationships for the long term, and helps children develop skills on which they can draw for a lifetime. Their program offers Child and Family Therapy, a Comprehensive Therapeutic Nursery, a Wrap around Prgram, Childcare Solutions, and Parent Support Groups. They work to strengthen families and enrich communities. They do so in a safe, supportive environment. Their providers are all very well-trained and have Masters & PhD’s in their fields.
At the end of the presentation, Vickie asked our speaker to sign the children’s book “And then It’s Spring” for the Read Aloud program.
There was only one cash prize today for $15, and it went to Barbara! Antonio had the chance for the big money, but he obviously wasn’t trying very hard and ended up getting a green marble.
And so, the jackpot continues to grow.
  • March 20, 2013: Brookside Health Center
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