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March 27, 2013 Sparkplug

Polio Free Dancing Girl


Our regularly scheduled speaker was faced with an unexpected emergency.  We were fortunate to have Nichola Mankos with us and was gracious enough to stand in.

Simon Bandar introduced today’s speaker:

Nicholas Mankos is a PhD student at UC Berkeley studying Public Health. He s been in Rotary for many years now and is dedicated to eradicating polio in the world.

Right now there are still three countries in the world that are endemic with polio: Afghanistan, Pakistan, andNigeria. He and his colleagues go to these countries and help educate the citizens and provide vaccinations to wipe out this devastating disease.

At the end of the presentation. Joyce asked our speaker to sign DW The Picky Eater for the Read Aloud program.


President Walt called the meeting to order at 12:15.

The Pledge was led by Brad.

There was no food-for-thought today.


Members attending: 19

Visiting Rotarians: 1. Nicholas Mankos (also a guest of Simon Bandar’s)

  1. Yvonne, guest of Carol’s
  2. Lt. Jeff Palmieri, guest of Walt’s


  1. Who Am I?: Melody Ocampo:
  • Grew up in Chico with her dad’s side of the family; Yuba City, and Davis.
  • b. Went to UC Davis her first year and then SJSU to finish up her college years
  • c. Bachelor Degree in Recreation soon after, she got her start at the City of San Pablo and she loves it!
  1. Vocational Training from Kenya. April 10, 2:30pm on Wednesday
  2. Cinco de Mayo Booth & Parade Save the Dates: May 4 (Sat) & May 5 (Sun)
Rotary’s Impact on Literacy Around the World:

a. United States has highest literacy rate in the world

  1. i. Literacy is defined as the ability to read & write own name; more than that, we look for the ability to write coherently, process information, and interpret body language
    • Literacy (or illiteracy, in this list) is defined by several important factors:
  • i. Phonology – can’t hear certain sounds
  • ii. Orthography—trouble with spelling patterns
  • iii. Semantics—have problems with word meaning
  • iv. Syntax—have problems with word order
  • v. Morphology—trouble with the formation of words

c. Rotary, as part of the World Literacy Group

  • i. 1920 – 40% illiteracy rate
  • ii. 2015 – 15% illiteracy rate

d. One thing our club does is donate books to the Read Aloud program

Tailgate Party Meeting: April 3, 2013
  • come dressed in baseball related attire!
  • We’ll have chili & hot dogs & hamburgers
A Night in Tuscany Gift Baskets:
  • Sign – up sheet is going around!
  • Want them to be worth around $100. If you can’t do that, then a $100 donation is another option.


  • Simon invited everyone to the next Chamber meeting on Thursday during lunch
  • Sonya got to see her son & daughter – in-law in China
  • Yvonne’s son just got her PhD and now in residency
  • Simon Bandar’s birthday was last month; our club sang a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday




  • Carol won $15, Joyce got $15
  • Bill van Dyk got $5.
  • Nicholas got the chance for the marble, but despite his amazing background he only got the green marble.

And so, the jackpot continues to grow.


  • RAMS: April 3, 2013: MCE Energy
  • April 10, 2013: Metas and Stem Grants


Aperture: an opening, as a hole, slit, crack, or gap.