A message from our 2013-2014 President

I’m excited and honored to be serving as San Pablo’s president for the 2013-2014 year.   I’m looking forward to working with each and everyone of you in taking our club to the next level.

Below are my goals and objectives for this year.  Let me know if you feel we are on the right track, or if you have suggestions.  I appreciate your comments.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Implement a sustainable structure to recruit professional community Leaders and business people that meets our club goals and professional standards.
    1. Combine mixers with the Chamber, San Pablo Merchant Association and the Moose Lodge, etc.
    2. At all mixers and events we will stream videos of international and local projects.
    3. Develop a street team composed of a few of our more seasoned members in conjunction with our membership committee to go out and solicit professional business owners and such once a month.
  2. Increase San Pablo Rotary’s public image and involvement in
  3. community.
    1. Meaningful service projects
    2. Love for the homeless
    3. Reaching our youth
    4. Contacting our kids leaving high school going into the military
  4. Generate new and exciting fund raising opportunities.
    1. Gumbo fest.
    2. Poker night.
    3. Wine basket.
  5. Emphasize fellowship as well as service.
    1. Treat ourselves.
  6. Maintain and increase membership.
  7. Lay the ground work for an international project for our club to be in place by 2014-2015 term.
  8. Utilize, support and help develop our interact kids.